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Jasmine Attar


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Jasmine Attar Get the Best Quality from the Comfort of Your Home

The enchanting scent of Jasmine attar, an aroma that transports you back to those magical evenings when this delicate flower unleashes its captivating fragrance. Close your eyes and let the inviting aroma fill the air.

What is Jasmine Attar?

Jasmine Attar is also known as Chameli Attar, its a special kind of oil that is made from the beautiful Jasmine Sambac flowers. Where they are carefully handpicked and processed to create this amazing attar.

✔️Extract from pure herbs
✔️Natural attars
✔️Export quality
✔️Alcohol Free
✔️Roll On Bottle
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Why is it Special?

What makes this Attar so special is its rich and sweet fragrance. The attar oil is made using a process called hydro-distillation, which helps to capture the beautiful scent of the Jasmine flowers. To make it even more amazing and giving it a unique and exotic aroma.

Why Choose Jasmine Attar from Us?

We are the best in the business. We manufacture only the best quality attars that are made with pure and original. Our attars are 100% pure and authentic, so you can be sure that you are getting the best quality.

Chameli ka Itra

If you’re in search of a fragrance that is both pure and long-lasting, then our 100% Pure Premium Quality Non-Alcoholic Attar! This exceptional scent is created using nothing but the finest ingredients, ensuring a top-notch product that exudes luxury. The non-alcoholic formulation not only makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies but also ensures that the fragrance long lasting.

Explore a range of extraordinary  fragrances that will enhance any romantic time and create an unforgettable ambiance. With this attar, you can confidently embrace your unique style and make your presence known wherever you go. Experience the ultimate indulgence in fragrances with our premium attar – you won’t be disappointed!


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